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SpotWash will always stand behind its team members. Because all our washes are done by hand, odds are that, every once in a while, our incredible technicians may miss a spot. We get it. After all, we’re human. And that’s where our guarantee comes in:

If we missed something, message us and convey what spot in/on your vehicle needs a little extra attention, and we will come out and touch it up FREE of charge on the next wash night. Photos are always helpful.

We’ve always stood behind our work, our team, our standards, and always will. Details, that extra something, in this business (to us) make a difference. Ever heard of a Car Wash with a guarantee? You have now.

The SpotWash Touch Up Guarantee is valid until 3pm on the day after our technician was scheduled for your vehicle. 

Please note: the SpotWash Touch Up Guarantee does not apply to weather conditions that may effect the cleanliness of your car after the wash has been completed. It only applies to spots that the technician may have omitted during the cleaning process. 

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