Looking for more amenities to add to you building? Specifically an amenity that directly makes your tenant’s lives easier because of their choice to live in your property? You found it! SpotWash is a free value-add amenity to qualified buildings. That’s right, we cover all the costs associated in launching SpotWash in your building. We have a streamlined process that makes setting up in your building easy, stress free, and quick. 

How are we different from other concierge car washes?

  • App-Based Waterless Car Wash service that partners with Apartment Buildings and Condo's 

  • Free value-add amenity

  • Cost the building literally nothing

  • Building does not get heavily involved with wash process, just need to be permitted in garage

  • We do not require water, we do not hook up to building water or utilities

  • We do not require drainage 

  • We do not require dedicated parking spaces

  • We do not move or drive the tenants cars

  • We have bumpers for doors for tight garages to prevent door ding and scratches

  • Fully Insured and we cover both the building and Property Management Group

  • SpotWash installs a small key locker so the building doesn't have to take responsibility for the keys. Spotswash covers all the cost

  • Lockers are placed in mutually agreed upon locations with Property Managers

  • We take all the liability for the car keys

  • We keep a cart with all supplies on-site

  • UniWe warranty our washes to tenants with our Touch-Up Guarantee, free of charge

  • Uniformed employees

  • No binding contract, cancel anytime

  • Dual branding in the App - tenants see that because they live in their building, they have access to SpotWash every time they wash 

  • Eco-friendly car wash solution

  • All employees pass a full criminal background check, no violent crimes or theft

  • Washes done 3 nights a week, every week 

  • We do not force their tenants into subscriptions or contracts

  • SpotWash sponsors building events on a quarterly basis for tenants 

  • SpotWash is in a TON of buildings and works with many property management groups

  • Spotswash works hand in hand with parking garage management company if they do not manage garage

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Please note, at this time, SpotWash is only available to Apartment and Condominiums with attached parking garages, or direct access to Parking Garages. Contact us in the form below and our Business Development Team will be in touch within 48 hours. 

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